Powder coating

Many of you have probably heard of powder coating and wondered what it means, how to powder coat and, above all, why. As you know, powder coating is an excellent form of painting that creates a hard coating with a solid colour. Powder coating is so durable that it can be successfully used for painting metal, including aluminium wheels. Powder coating would not be possible without a suitable oven in which the paint is cured. The bigger the oven, the more and bigger items can be painted. Today I want to recommend a company that has an oven for powder coating, the company is Lewandowski – Gates | Doors | Fences, the main activity of the company is the production of gates and fences. Thanks to this, the Lewandowski company also has a very long powder coating oven, which is over eight metres long. In the Lewandowski company, many things can be powder painted – for example, rims. You can find out more on the website. Below is a small photo, obviously taken in the Lewandowski workshop.

Malowanie proszkowe