12 Wrenfield Drive
RG4 7QE Reading
United Kingdom


Quote Number QUO-0004
Quote Date 16th January 2019
Total £300.00
Wynn Ress

The Elms,Chalkhouse Green

Electrical installation to the glass shed

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 fuse spur

Replace existing 13A fuse spur for 20A

1 External power socket

Wiring and fixing extr.socket.
Connecting power to first shed

1 3 way consumer unit

Fixing it and connecting cables

1 Earth electrode

Put electrode in soil,wiring by conduit and connecting to consumer unit

1 Power socket IP 54

First check condition of existing socket,if will be damage replace it

1 |Switch light IP54

First check condition of it,if will be damage replace it

Sub Total £294.00
Tax £29.40
Discount -£23.40
Total £300.00